Spider Slope Mower Railway Corridors
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  • Spider self-propelled and remote-controlled heavy-duty slope mower. This high performance mower works on slopes up to 55 degrees.

    Spider Slope Mower

    Railway Corridors



    The Spider Mower can cut railway corridor areas while causing minimum obstruction or interference to rail operation. Compared to the conventional approach to such tasks with tractor or excavator mounted equipment, the Spider Mower causes minimal interference with adjacent areas. Obviously other precautions appropriate given the presence of an operator would still be required.

    Spider ILD02 Drain & waterway slope mowing

    Photographs for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.

    Spider ILD02 Drain & waterway slope mowing
    Spider ILD02 Drain & waterway slope mowing

    Please Note: Photographed slopes appear less inclined than in real life. The typical SLR camera, whether digital or film, significantly reduces the apparent slope in a photograph. To assess how these working shots compare to your applications, take a series of photographs of the areas that you need cut and compare.


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