HerbHy 40

The Herbhy 40 is a remote controlled self-propelled mulch/flail mower for the maintenance of steeply sloping areas such as embankments, roadsides and hillsides; fire trails and rail corridors. Although referred to as a mower, “it performs more like a remote-control slasher”, is a regular comment from those attending demonstrations. It's capable of cutting waist-high growth, saplings to 70mm and small shrubs and plants. The Herbhy 40, cuts slope up to 55 degrees with its twin high grip self-tensioning rubber tracks.

Herbhy 40 Tracked Slope Mower

Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.



Herbhy 40 Perkins Engine
  • 3 cyl Turbo 40 hp Perkins Diesel
  • Providing 30kW of power
  • Electronic engine speed control allowing better performance at lower revs
  • Dual element Donaldson air cleaner
  • A Flexxaire fan ensures a safe operating temperature in all conditions. In reverse operation, debris is blown clear from engine
  • Electrical isolator switch
  • 23 litre diesel fuel tank capacity providing between 5 and 7 operating hours depending on slope and conditions


Herbhy 40 Cutting Head Herbhy 40 Cutting Head
  • Two cutting heads available. Mulching head for grass and a forestry head for saplings and shrubs etc
  • Overall cutting width is 1500mm (48 inches)
  • Floating option for cutting head to provide even cutting
  • Hydraulically operated front door
Herbhy 40 Underbody Skin
  • To protect the engine, bearings and components, a tough underbody skin is structurally integrated into the frame, preventing ingress of debris, fragments and grit
Herbhy 40 Rollbar
  • A robust roll bar, integrated into the chassis, can also be used to hoist the vehicle if needed. In addition to a 4-point attachment system for lifting, the frame includes front and rear fastening systems for optional tools and equipment
Herbhy 40 Working Angle
  • The Herbhy 40 is capable of cutting on slopes up to 55 degrees under its own wheel drive


Herbhy 40 Remote
  • The remote control operating all Herbhy 40 functions has a range of up to 150m
  • The controller comes with a belt strap and is normally strapped to the operator as two-hand operation is required
  • If the controller is dropped or all hands released, the controls revert to the neutral position and the Herbhy 40 stops driving
  • Controls include: precise control of forward and reverse track speeds, real time critical machine data the ability to adjust the offset needed to maintain direction and LED degree of slope indicators amongst many others


Herbhy 40 Accessories
  • Limp home remote
  • Cable to allow direct charging of the remote battery from the machine
  • Spare battery and charger


Herbhy 40 Options
  • Rear Winch
  • Remote control R-Eye camera system for better operating visibility
  • Stump grinder
  • Forestry head
  • Rotary deck
  • Atomizer/Sprayer
  • Trencher
  • Wood chipper
  • Dozer blades
  • Front bucket
  • Sweeper
  • Loader
  • Snow blower
  • Rakes
Spider 55 degree slope with winch
  • Extraordinary as it is, this is a 55 degree slope
  • Such slopes would ordinarily be considered beyond the normal practical limit of a maintainable slope
  • But the Herbhy 40 Mower is more than capable of cutting such slopes

Herbhy 40 Working Shot

Herbhy 40 Working Shot


Herbhy 40
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2740 x 1500
Overall Height (mm) 1250
Weight (kg) 1380
Cutting Width (mm) 1500
Working Speed (km/h) Up to 7


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